Communication and cooperation are inherent parts of research. Results are discussed, ideas are born not only in private but very often during meetings, workshops, conferences. With varying meeting formats DCPS offers possibilities to meet, to learn from each other and to cooperate. The DCPS Day is a yearly event with short presentations of all DCPS research groups and of currently funded DCPS projects followed by a get-together in the evening.

The first DCPS Day took place on June 6, 2013 at the lecture hall of Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum. The afternoon was highlighted by the first DCPS Science Slam and closed by a barbecue.

More than 120 people attended the second and third DCPS Day on June 5, 2014 and June 4, 2015. In 2015 participant were listening to additional presentations of invited speakers, POINT and research fellows. The fourth DCPS Day was held on October 6, 2016. Besides the scientific programme the DCPS members could get an impression about  the work of Profund Innovation and what it needs to found a company. 

Dahlem Research School