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Teaching at DCPS

The extensive cooperation between the Focus Area and the department involved results in comprehensive education for young scientists. Many of the researchers working at DCPS are involved in teaching. 

Undergraduate program

Right from the start, undergraduate students can gain insight into the current status of research and are included in the networks of DCPS. Researchers form DCPS are engaged in following undergraduate programs at Freie Universität Berlin

Further information on the undergraduate programs is provided by the OSA-portal (in German) including introductory statements by researchers and students.

Graduate school

For doctoral candidates in the various subjects encompassed by the plant sciences, the doctoral program Plant Sciences offers not only solid subject-specific knowledge based on current research, but also targeted support and intensive supervision.

The doctoral program in plant sciences (PS) was founded in 2009, initially with a focus on plant molecular biology, within the Dahlem Research School (DRS) at Freie Universität, and was expanded in 2011 to include the other branches of plant sciences represented within the Focus Area Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences (DCPS). The goal is to provide a structured program for doctoral candidates in the various subjects encompassed by the plant sciences. The doctoral program, which is offered in German and English, is organized as cooperation of 14 research groups at the Institute of Biology. It is embedded into the structure of the DRS, with its education programs and additional course options. The program also includes the teaching of transferable skills, which includes knowledge transfer, scientific management, and foreign language skills. Currently, 45 PhD students are enrolled in DRS Plant Sciences.

Dahlem Research School
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