Departments and Members of the Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences

DCPS covers a broad range of plant sciences, allowing to answer complex research topics in more holistic approaches and to reach new insights.

Departments & Research Groups at DCPS
Departments & Research Groups at DCPS

Institute of Biology: Applied Genetics

Genetics of Plant ResistanceTelephone:+49 30 838
Genetics of Light Signaling NetworksTelephone:+49 030 838
Molecular Genetics of PlantsTelephone:+49 30 838
Molecular Developmental Biology of PlantsTelephone:+49 30 838
Molecular Biology of Plant OrganellesTelephone:+49 30 838

Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum

Head of Department, Research & Biodiversity InformaticsTelephone:+49 30 838
Director and ProfessorTelephone:+49 30 838
Group leader, Museum and ExhibitionsTelephone:+49 30 838
Group leader, Biodiversity InformaticsTelephone:+49 30 838
Group leader, DiatomsTelephone:+49 30 838
Group leader, AsteralesTelephone:+49 30 838
Curator, Living CollectionsTelephone:+49 30 838
Professor and Head of Department, Science CommunicationTelephone:+49 30 838
Curator, Living CollectionsTelephone:+49 30 838
Head of Department, Biological CollectionsTelephone:+49 30 838
Curator, HerbariumTelephone:+49 30 838

Institute of Biology: Plant Biochemistry, Epigenetics and Physiology

Institute of Biology: Ecology of Animals

Institute of Biology: Plant Ecology and Systematics

Structural and Functional Plant DiversityTelephone:+49 30 838
Systematic Botany and Plant GeographyTelephone:+49 30 838
Plant and Mycorrhizal EcologyTelephone:+49 30 838

Institute of Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Biology


  • Botanic Garden, Applied Genetics, Applied Zoology, Plant Ecology, Systematics, Pharmacy, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Physiology
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