Departments and Members of the Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences

Departments & Research Groups at DCPS
Departments and Research Groups at DCPS (Click on image to enlarge it)

DCPS covers a broad range of plant sciences, allowing to answer complex research topics in more holistic approaches and to reach new insights.

Below you can find an overview of all members and research groups sorted by departments. A list of all members in alphabetical order is provided here.

Former research groups of DCPS are listed at the end of the page. Link

Institute of Biology: Applied Genetics

Genetics of Plant ResistanceTelephone:+49 30 838
Genetics of Light Signaling NetworksTelephone:+49 030 838
Molecular Genetics of PlantsTelephone:+49 30 838
Molecular Developmental Biology of PlantsTelephone:+49 30 838
Molecular Biology of Plant OrganellesTelephone:+49 30 838

Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum

Head of Department, Research & Biodiversity InformaticsTelephone:+49 30 838
Director and ProfessorTelephone:+49 30 838
Group leader, Museum and ExhibitionsTelephone:+49 30 838
Group leader, Biodiversity InformaticsTelephone:+49 30 838
Group leader, DiatomsTelephone:+49 30 838
Group leader, AsteralesTelephone:+49 30 838
Curator, Living CollectionsTelephone:+49 30 838
Professor and Head of Department, Science CommunicationTelephone:+49 30 838
Curator, Living CollectionsTelephone:+49 30 838
Head of Department, Biological CollectionsTelephone:+49 30 838
Curator, HerbariumTelephone:+49 30 838

Institute of Biology: Plant Biochemistry, Epigenetics and Physiology

Institute of Biology: Ecology of Animals

Institute of Biology: Plant Ecology and Systematics

Structural and Functional Plant DiversityTelephone:+49 30 838
Systematic Botany and Plant GeographyTelephone:+49 30 838
Plant and Mycorrhizal EcologyTelephone:+49 30 838

Institute of Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical Biology

Former research groups of DCPS


  • Botanic Garden, Applied Genetics, Applied Zoology, Plant Ecology, Systematics, Pharmacy, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Physiology
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